Read what your friends and neighbors in Minnesota are saying about propane:

“I knew I wanted to stay with propane to heat my water.”

Tankless water heaters can fit in closets

Michele Chase of Apple Valley had an unpleasant surprise when she returned to her home after a long day at the office. Her old propane water heater had burst and her laundry room was ankle deep in water.

Michele immediately called her plumber for help.

The plumber said he could put in an electric water heater right away. “I almost said yes because I knew that would solve my problem right away, but I decided to wait so I could do some research. I really wanted a hot shower, though.”

Michele’s decision to do a little homework paid off.

“I didn’t like what I read about electric water heaters using too much energy to heat so little water. I knew I wanted to stay with propane to heat my water.”

After consulting with her propane company, Michele decided to install a tankless propane water heater.

“I was surprised at how much space opened up in my laundry room with a water tank no longer there. And I absolutely love getting all the hot water I want at a very low cost. I know I won’t have to worry about replacing it for a very long time. I read that tankless water heaters last about twice as long as storage tanks.”

Michele also saved hundreds of dollars on the installation cost because her propane company helped her qualify for state rebates.

“I’m using only about 75 or 80 gallons of propane each month.”

New Propane furnaces save on fuel

After Ben Porter purchased a home in Duluth a few years ago, he knew something had to be done about the creaky oil furnace.

“It was an original, going back to the 1970s. It was still working and heating the home okay, but I was burning through about 200 gallons of oil every month during the winter,” says Ben. “It seemed like I was always calling for another oil delivery.”

Ben decided his best bet was to remove the old unit and install a new propane gas furnace. His local propane company also installed his propane tank and put in all the required gas lines.

“Everything has worked out well. My home is more comfortable now and I’m saving a lot of money on heating. I’m using only about 75 or 80 gallons of propane each month.”