Extend the Swimming Season with a Propane Gas Pool Heater

If you’re longing for a relaxing evening dip in the pool or spa but don’t want to wait to deal with Minnesota night chills, a propane pool heater can maintain a comfortable water temperature any time of day, in any weather, in any season—all for an affordable price.

How does it work? A propane pool heater simply burns gas to warm water from the pool pump, then cycles the water back into the pool. These systems are energy-efficient and can easily maintain water temperature within 1° Fahrenheit of your desired setting. That’s why propane pool heaters are an ideal choice for in-ground and aboveground pools and spas. A gas pool heater cost is very economical!

Propane Pool Heaters

Propane pool heaters are:

To learn more about propane pool heaters and the many other ways you can take full advantage of propane inside and outside your home, please contact your propane company, and they’ll be glad to help.


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  • Clothes Dryers
  • Pool Heaters
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