The secret of getting all the hot water you need—without a tank

When Minnesotans first hear about the beauty of a tankless propane water heater, they’re skeptical at first but they remain true to staying Minnesota Nice. They politely ask: How is it possible to get all the hot water I need if it’s not already stored away in a storage tank? Suppose I want to take a long, hot shower while someone else is running the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time? What is the benefit of a tankless water heater vs. a tank?

The secret is combining propane with tankless technology! A propane tankless water heater uses a flame so hot it’s not necessary to keep your water heated in a tank. You simply turn on a hot water faucet and a flow sensor will activate a propane gas burner to heat the water. The heating will continue until you turn off the faucet, which shuts off the gas burner.

How tankless worksHow it works

Leading water heater manufacturer Navien has provided this illustration of how a tankless water heater works.

Why a propane tankless water heater?

Watch an electric storage water heater tank being replaced with a propane tankless system.

Compare your propane water heating options

Type of water heater EF (Energy Factor) Annual Operating Costs
Propane Tank 0.58 EF $249
Propane Tankless 0.82 EF $176
Propane Condensing Tankless 0.96 EF $150

Two great options for propane tankless water heaters

Noncondensing Tankless System

Condensing Tankless System


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