Make a splash with your propane tankless water heater

A tankless propane water heater provides comfort, versatility, convenience and efficiency by supplying high volumes of hot water with compact and highly innovative technology.

These systems eliminate standby energy losses that occur in storage tank systems because they heat water only on demand. A propane instant water heater is compact in size, provides superior energy efficiency, and delivers an endless supply of hot water.

Tankless water heaters can average a flow rate of about 222 gallons per hour, more than three times higher than a standard 50-gallon electric storage tank water heater’s delivery rate of 62 gallons in the first hour. This dramatic difference in performance can mean the difference between taking a hot shower and a cold shower!

Contact your propane company today if you’re interested in learning more about a tankless propane water heater. Find out which water heater is right for you.


Since a tankless system can provide 2 to 3 gallons of hot water per minute, it’s unlikely that your family will ever run out of hot water!


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